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Gasselingo Translations & Web Design is a young, yet ambitious agency which offers two main services: Translations and Web Design. The company was founded in 1996, to provide services for other firms in the computer branch, especially where software localisation is concerned, since that has become an ever-growing market. 
Gasselingo aims at offering both these services to interested parties who have the need for quality translations and/or a home page or web site on the Internet. Among its satisfied customers are publishing houses and localisation firms such as Easy Computing and Mendez Nederland. 

The brains behind Gasselingo are called Mascha Gasseling. She is a young woman with extensive computer experience and a personal interest in the field. This ensures you that the ever changing and growing computer jargon is kept up-to-date, whether the interest of the customer lies in the English, German or Dutch markets. 
Send your request for more information to the e-mail & regular address mentioned on the contact information page. Or just pick up the phone and you will receive more information about Miss Gasseling and her company. 

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