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The second service Gasselingo offers to its customers is web design. From setting up a small home page for small businesses to developing entire web sites for bigger corporations, anything is possible. 
Depending on your wishes, a plan will be set up for the realisation of your (corporate) presence on the Internet. Gasselingo understands the need for flexibility of companies unfamiliar with the Internet, so plans can either be realised from scratch or according to a more thought out concept. 

It is however, desirable to make a few decisions before having your web page or site made. Recognition is the key to good advertising. This is equally important when making your presence known on the Internet. A web site or page should be easily identifiable. Have a look at your logo and the colours used in your business stationary and base your page(s) on that. You have an affordable full-colour advertising medium at your hands... 

Determine your target audience...Who do you expect will visit your web page or site, how many people would you like to reach? There are several ways to enhance your web pages and give them a flashy look. But if your prospective visitors to the web site can't load your pages...because they take too long to view, many private persons may leave to another site that loads faster through their slow modem or slow broadband connection or which their older browser can view. 

Having made these decisions, you might want to take some more...or leave the rest up to Gasselingo. Please contact Miss Gasseling for a free quote or for an appointment to see what Gasselingo has in store for you. 

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